Gnostic models help us to think about our embodiment by allowing meta-level analyses of both our selves and the world. This work explores the mental, emotional, and bodily aspects of several different multidimensional models and provides thought experiments and visualizations to deepen that understanding.

Models of self and world are developed within multidimensional space.
Mind, the knowing aspect of a self, is analyzed using references and connections.
Emotion, the feeling aspect of a self, is analyzed using energy.
Body, the being aspect of a self, is analyzed using parts and wholes.

Perhaps it is odd to think about embodiment if one wants to be embodied, because theory is not practice. But some of us will want to know what exactly we are putting our trust in when we have faith in our emotions or our bodies. So, here is a theory about what it means to be embodied, and how our mind, emotions, and body are more profound than we may think.